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August 2005

2nd - The Marbled Whites are still out in good numbers up in the Yorkshire Wolds, the best area for seeing these beauties being around Millington Dale and the associated dales of Nettle, Sylvan and Tun. However many seem to be infested with red mites, and I have seen similar mites on a number of other species too, including Ringlets & Meadow Browns.

8th - Had a good day up in the Thixendale and NW corner of the Yorkshire Wolds today, the countryside around here being amongst my favourite corners of not only Yorkshire but the whole of the British Isles. Though I do love my home down on the edge of the Yorkshire Wolds near Beverley I would love to live up here one day, the countryside and more interesting weather which comes with extra altitude being very much my cup of tea. However whether I will ever be in a position to pursue such a dream remains to be seen.

18th - Heavy thundery showers overnight with nearly half an inch of rain being recorded.

22nd - Two Chiffchaffs seen in the garden today, probably migrating juveniles.

24th - A Spotted Flycatcher was seen in the garden today, a new record for the garden. The bird in question hunted in the garden for an hour or so, using the rose arch as its primary perch.

25th - The wheat harvest is going well in the county at the moment, with combines working hard all over the Yorkshire Wolds. Meanwhile the last of this years winter barley has now been pretty much completely gathered in up on the high Wolds.

25th - A couple of Chiffchaffs seen in the garden again, though they were probably not the same two as those seen on the 22nd as they much duller coloured.

30th - There have been no observations of Swifts during the last few days.

31st - Thunderstorms in the afternoon and evening.

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