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November 2005

2nd - Unusually mild today with the thermometer rising as high as 17.7 C.

4th - 30-40 Wood Pigeons flew over at 7.30 am, heading SW. Meanwhile a skein of c.40 Pink-footed Geese were seen in the east heading SSE at around 10 am. In the garden three Redwings were in the hawthorns whilst a Great-spotted Woodpecker repeatedly visited the peanut feeder.

5th, Fenlands - Enjoyed a day in the Fens taking in Welney and the nearby reserve of Welches Dam on the other side of the Ouse Washes. Welney is always one of my favourite places to visit, the landscape and winter birdlife of this part of the world really appealing to me, whilst our visit to Welches Dam was our first, the journey to the reserve over a bumpy and winding Fenland road being as entertaining as the birding. Bird-wise it was good to see the Whooper Swans again, the cries of these birds being so evocative, whilst the Wigeon, Teal and Pochard also provided a visual feast for a wildfowl lover like me. At Welches Dam a feral Bar-headed Goose also provided some extra interest.

6th - Six Redwings were in the garden at dusk.

8th - A gathering of about 60-80 Jackdaws was seen overhead in late afternoon.

9th - The Great-spotted Woodpecker was back again today.

10th - The finches are currently moving through the area in mixed flocks, comprised mainly of Greenfinches, Goldfinches and Chaffinches.

12th - A lone Redwing in the hawthorn at 10 am.

13th, Kirby Underdale - Enjoyed a pleasant autumn stroll in this most attractive corner of the Yorkshire Wolds, the countryside still being reluctant to shed its autumn clothing thanks to the very mild weather so far this month. However it does look like it might turn a little cooler in the coming days.

18th - First air frost of the winter with a low of -0.3 C this morning.

20th, Deepdale (Callis Wold) - The colder weather of the last week has certainly improved the autumn tints up on the Yorkshire Wolds, the larch and beech woods in Deepdale looking particularly good today on what was a sunny and frosty Sunday morning.

22nd - A single Redwing was once more seen in the garden.

23rd - Six Redwings were seen eating some Cottoneaster berries with the resident Blackbirds today, an unusual sight. Does it portent colder weather?

24th - A decent frost for the time of year with a low of -3.2 C this morning.