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December 2005

9th - Thick fog in the morning with visibility as low as 100 metres along Long Lane and near the river Hull.

27th - After a relatively mild start to the winter the first proper snow of the year arrived today, which after initially beginning as sleety wet snow eventually turned into proper snow which settled quickly upon the ground.

28th - 5 cm of snow lay on the ground when I awoke this morning and with further snow showers during the day the depth would increase to 7 cm by mid-afternoon. Becoming cold overnight under clear skies with a new record low of -5.9 C being recorded.

Deep Dale (Callis Wold) - Enjoyed a very wintry walk up on the roof of the Yorkshire Wolds, the countryside being transformed into a winter wonderland. Since this cold spell is unlikely to be prolonged my father and I decided to make the most of it whilst it was with us and despite the tricky road conditions we spent a few hours up in what is perhaps my favourite corner of the East Riding. Unsurprisingly given the weather we didn't see much wildlife, though a roe deer was spotted, whilst a variety of tits and goldcrests were seen feeding amongst the larches.

29th - A cold and wintry day with temperatures barely rising above freezing. Indeed overnight the temperature would plummet again with the record set yesterday being short-lived as the thermometer fell to a new record low of -6.4 C.

Nunburnholme Wold - On a very frosty and snowy morning we enjoyed a walk around Nunburnholme, beginning our walk from the top of the hill and descending down to the village. As we fell the temperature noticeably fell with us, the thermometer falling as low as -10 C on the edge of the village (it had been only -6 C at the top), a very real demonstration of how cold air sinks. The countryside looked outstandingly beautiful as we enjoyed our walk and with milder air forecast to arrive tomorrow we savoured the sights and sounds of the transient winter beauty, the air being like champagne as we began the climb back up through the wood to our starting point.

30th - A period of snow in the morning, the snow being heavy for a couple of hours, but eventually milder air would push in with the rain turning into sleet and finally rain. However despite the milder air and the heavy rain, the lying snow would survive throughout the day with still 2 cm being recorded the next morning (31st).

31st - Still 2 cm of lying snow this morning, though somewhat slushy after the rain yesterday.