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August 2006

1st - A Kingfisher seen along the River Hull this morning, and there was further movements of gulls heading northwards too. Thundery showers in the late afternoon and evening.

2nd - A juvenile Goldcrest seen in the garden. A cool day with heavy rain in the afternoon, peaking at 28 mm/h.

3rd - Six Curlews seen flying northwards over Swinemoor this morning, and gull movements continue, with species seen including Black heads, Commons, Herrings, & Black backs. A Grey Heron also seen. Cool again today.

4th - 200 to 300 Gulls seen in the harvested pea field this morning. A mixture of the species seen yesterday, with the most prevalent in this order, Commons, Black backs, Black heads, & Herrings. Also at least a hundred finches were seen, with species including Greenfinches, Chaffinches, Goldfinches, & Linnets. A Willow warbler was seen too, and in another local field there was a small flock of Stock doves.

5th - A hot day with a high of 25 C.

6th - The Barley is now largely all in, and the Wheat is almost ready. Very hot and sunny again today, up to 27 C.

Nunburnholmewold - A good walk in this fine area on the western edge of the Wolds, with a few good observations too, including a Treecreeper seen in the wood opposite Nunburnholmewold Farm, and a Willow warbler was also heard. In the wood the Rosebay Willowherb is now going to seed, and the Barley is now largely in.

7th - Four Whitethroats were observed at Keldmarsh, and there were also mixed flocks of finches in the local fields. A Great spotted Woodpecker was also seen this morning.

9th - Heard a Grasshopper Warbler reeling along the riverbank at Figham/Weel, on what was a fine summers morning. I couldn’t see it though and pinpointing its exact position was very difficult. However a good new species for the Borough. Also heard were Willow warblers, many calling from the Hawthorn scrub on Figham, and on the small pool just south of Weel, five Coots were seen, including one juvenile.

10th - The thick hedgerow to the south of Old Hall Farm was very productive this morning, with Blackcaps, Chiffchaffs, Whitethroats, & Willow warblers, most probably migrants passing through. In the local fields 300 Common Gulls were seen, and 50 Black headed Gulls, and the odd Black backed Gulls were amongst them. In the local hedgerows Elderberries are now beginning to ripen, and in the garden so are the first Haws, & Cotoneaster’s.

11th - Blackcaps, Whitethroats & Chiffchaffs were seen in the Millennium Orchard this morning, and in the local fields up to 15 Mistle Thrushes were seen feeding.

12th - Two Sand Martins seen over Swinemoor. Cool today.

13th - A Green Sandpiper was seen outside the front of the house very briefly this morning. A very surprising observation, and no doubt associated with the heavy rain and blustery winds this morning. A great tick for the garden.

Tophill Low - Visited our nearest reserve on a grey, damp, and breezy morning, indeed the rain was quite heavy at first. The main highlight of the morning was some fantastic sightings of a Kingfisher, which repeatedly hunted from a number of perches right in front of our hide. We watched for about quarter of an hour and at times the bird perched within ten yards of us. You couldn’t really hope for a better view. Other interesting observations this morning included a few Green Sandpipers, two Dunlin, hirundines, Sedge Warblers, Reed Warblers, Whitethroats, & Willow warblers. A great morning with 35 species seen in total.

15th - Two Barn Owls seen over Swinemoor this morning. Back home a dozen House Martins were flying around the house, and in the garden there was a Willow warbler, and up to eight Goldfinches. In the afternoon 80 Common Gulls were hovering above the town.

16th - A Cormorant seen flying over the River Hull this morning, and later I saw one in the river itself at Hull Bridge.

17th - All the cereal crops now harvested in the Parks. This still attracting large numbers of gulls. Berries increasingly ripening, with much of the Elderberries now hanging heavily in black bunches along the regions hedgerows. These joining the already ripe Blackberries & Rosehips. Incidentally the blackberries seem quite juicy this year. In the garden the Yew berries are now quite apparent. A moderate thundery shower in late afternoon.

18th - The garden birds very active this morning, despite the rain.

20th, North Cave Wetlands - Went a little earlier this morning, arriving just before 7am. A good variety of species seen, as summer visitors, winter visitors, and autumn migrants all over lap. This includes Green Sandpipers, Common Sandpipers, Snipe, one Wigeon, thirteen Pochard, a Ruddy duck, an Oystercatcher, seven Common Terns, Hirundines, Whitethroats, Blackcaps, & Willow warblers. A Peregrine Falcon was also seen, a new species for me at this reserve. A jolly fine bit of early morning birding.

21st - A Whitethroat seen in the garden, a new species for the garden list. Probably a passage migrant. A hedgehog seen feeding on the garden lawn at 10am.

23rd - A hedgehog seen again today in the garden. In the evening there was a heavy and thundery shower.

24th - A Whitethroat seen at the Hawthorn at 9am, and the Hedgehog was seen twice today, firstly in mid morning and again in the evening.

25th - A hedgehog again seen.

26th - The hedgehog was yet again seen today.

27th, Tophill Low - A quieter morning at our nearest reserve, though there were plenty of interesting observations, including up to four hundred Tufted ducks, as well as sixty Pochards, a Ruddy duck, three Green Sandpipers, many Swallows, Willow warblers, & Linnets. 30 species seen in total.

29th - Thundery showers in the afternoon.

30th - A Chiffchaff heard singing along the Beck this morning, and other birds in the area included Willow warblers, and mixed flocks of tits. In the garden another Willow warbler was spotted.

31st - Three Whitethroats, a female Blackcap, and a Willow warbler were seen in the Millennium Orchard this morning, and in the local fields there were eighty Starlings, five Lapwings, and all the common Gulls.