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June 2008

2nd - Elderflower coming out in the hedgerows and scrubland. At 9.45 am three Oystercatcher’s flew over the house. In the afternoon I observed some juvenile Long tailed tits in the garden.

3rd - A very wet day today with over an inch recorded.

5th - A Blackcap heard singing in the garden today, joined again by a Chiffchaff which has been heard in the area most days now for about a week. Out in the fields Linnet’s are now very apparent in their bright finery, those of the Parks amongst the brightest I’ve ever seen anywhere, and a Sedge Warbler continues to sing in the field drains along Long Lane.

6th - A Red Admiral butterfly seen in the garden, the first I’ve seen in the garden this year. A Pied Wagtail was feeding on the lawn as well today.

7th - The Bullfinches are seen, or at least heard, most days at the moment in the garden.

8th - Very warm and sunny today, with the temperature rising to 23.7 C.

Dalby Forest - Cycled around Dalby Forest again on a beautiful sunny day and temperatures above 70 degrees. Heard and saw two Turtle doves at one point, the first time I’ve ever seen these handsome doves in Yorkshire, and only for the second time in my whole life. Great stuff. Also along the cycle I saw a few Siskins, and a Jay, as well as the ever constant presence of the leaf warblers singing in the tree tops and scrub.

9th - Sunny and very warm again, rising to 24.5 C today.

10th - A Pied Wagtail again seen on the lawn today.

Bempton Cliffs & Flamborough - Went to Flamborough Head this morning, and checked in at Bempton Cliffs. Chicks now in evidence, most notably amongst the Kittiwakes, and the Gannets, but also a few were seen amongst the Guillemots. No Razorbill chicks were seen. In the cliff top fields a Corn Bunting was heard again, and both Skylarks, & Meadow Pipits were widely displaying. In the scrubby areas Whitethroats were seen, and a Sedge Warbler was also heard. After our visit to Bempton we had Fish and Chips at North Landing. A jolly pleasant day.

11th - The Pied Wagtail was seen hunting on the lawn a few times today.

12th - After the warmth of recent days it was unseasonably cool today with a high of just 13.4 C.

13th - Pea’s coming along really good at the moment, and the Wheat is now developing obvious ears. The Oilseed Rape is now largely finished, though in some fields poppy’s are now appearing. In the garden I found a Blackbird nest amongst the North Wall Ivy, the calling chicks regularly heard.

14th - A Goldfinch visited the feeders today, the first to do so in quite some time. For some reason they don’t seem to be visiting as regularly as they used too.

15th, Huggatedales - A lovely morning walk in the dales around Huggate. The countryside and crops are looking really good at the moment, and it’s a delight to be out and about. Hirundines and Swifts were hunting low over the un-grazed grassland of the dales, and we also heard a Curlew calling over one of the nearby fields, one of my favourite sounds.

17th - First fledgling Goldfinches seen, with a group of them in the Keldmarsh area. A few young Crows also observed. In the garden the second brood of Blackbird’s has begun to fledge, and young Blue & Great Tit’s have been seen on the feeders.

18th - Five Mute Swans flew over the fields today. The pea’s were also being sprayed this morning.

22nd, North Cave Wetlands - A pleasant mornings birding with the main highlight a family of four Kingfishers which we were able to observe without any disturbance and at a distance of little more than ten metres. In the same area of the reserve (the NW corner) we also watched a Stoat for a while, and we also came across a Cinnabar moth, a first for me. On the reserve proper the terns have arrived since our last visit and there was also a few pairs of Teal about. The pair of Pochards are also still present, and Shelduck chicks were again seen. Four male Ruddy ducks were a welcome observation too. Not many waders about though there were a few Oystercatchers to be seen. No Avocet chicks seen, which is worrying, and the total number of Avocets has reduced to single figures. A single Ringed Plover was spotted, and at least one of the Great Crested Grebe chicks seems to have survived, and is looking good. Young Greylag geese, Mallards, Lapwings, & Black headed Gulls were also seen. A good morning.

25th - The poppy’s in the field at the north end of Long Lane are now quite wonderful, with a sea of red in some areas.

26th - Heavy showers and spells of rain today, with 32.1 mm’s (1.26”) recorded.

29th, Deepdale (Calliswold) - Walked around Deepdale, one of the most pleasant and peaceful of the high wold dales. Poppy’s were out in abundance in one field, and in contrast the valley scrublands were white with elderflower. A Buzzard was seen at one point at the head of the dale, a usual certainty here, and a Redstart was also briefly seen, a species which seems to have settled in this small area of the Wolds. Also of note was a Roe deer, quite a large one in fact, which we spooked out of the woodland at the top of the dale.

Monthly Review
Things quietening down with the arrival of summer, the freshness of spring now but a distant memory. Fledglings continuing to appear, with increasing diversity, and the Elderflower, about the last of the hedgerow shrubs to flower, reached its glorious peak during the month. Red Admiral’s also made there first appearance this month too. Weather-wise the month was unsettled, and not particularly warm either, with the middle of the month quite cool at times. Just four days saw temperatures rise above 20 C, one less than there had been in May.