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July 2008

1st - A warm and sunny start to the month with a high of 24.4 C.

3rd - Young Goldfinches seen in the garden today, a most welcome sight. Also seen was a Meadow Brown Butterfly hopefully the beginnings of a population in the garden. During the afternoon there were some thundery showers.

5th - Thundery showers in late afternoon.

6th - Thundery showers again in the afternoon.

9th - Rosebay Willowherb just beginning to flower in the hedgerows and roadsides. Gulls back in increased numbers to the local area, after their usual early summer scarcity.

10th - Seven Curlews flew over the Parks this morning.

11th - A wet day with 15.8 mm’s of rain. Cool as well with a high of just 15.6 C.

13th, North Cave Wetlands - A quiet day, though lots of young birds around at various stages of development. Most notable were a couple of young Common Terns. The ducks are now beginning to eclipse as the courting season has now finished, but the most interesting observation of the day was a single Corn Bunting.

18th - A decent thunderstorm overnight.

20th, Dalby Forest - Saw a pair of Jays along our cycle today, and we also heard a Turtle dove again.

21st - The Oilseed Rape has now been cut.

22nd - A Grey Heron flew over the Parks this morning.

23rd - A Grey Heron again seen this morning, though this time it was seen over the Westwood. The first field of Barley cut in the Parklands.

24th, North Cave Wetlands - Went on an evening trip to this lovely little reserve. Still on the quiet side though, but a couple of Common Sandpipers was a most welcome observation. A couple of Corn Buntings were also heard around the reserve.

25th - Hot today with a maximum of 25.1 C.

26th - A large gathering of Gulls in the skies above the garden this afternoon with at least a hundred or so circling on the thermals. It was hot again as well today with a high of 25.5 C.

27th - Very hot still, with a high of 26.1 C.

28th - A juvenile Great spotted Woodpecker was seen on the peanut feeder, confirming that there was a breeding pair in the area this year.

30th - The first of the Blackberries are now ripe at Keldmarsh.

31st - The Crab Apples are beginning to fall from the tree. A very wet evening and night, with some rumbles of thunder as well.

Monthly Review
A quiet month, but already by the months conclusion the coming of autumn had begun to be subtly hinted at with the appearance of Blackberries, which incidentally are particularly sweet, large, and abundant this year, no doubt helped by the mixture of heavy rains this month, as well as a good deal of sunshine too, especially during the last third of the month which brought the most summery spell of the year with temperatures into the mid twenty’s. However by and large this wasn’t a scorching July by any means and was distinctly average in fact.

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