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September 2008

2nd - Heavy and thundery shower in the evening.

5th - On what was a very wet day, indeed the wettest so far this year with 38.2 mm’s (1.50”), six Roe deer were seen in the fields during the morning, with three in the most southern fields, and the other three in the still un-harvested wheat fields at the top end of Shepherd’s Lane. Over half of the wheat remains un-cut in the Parks, what with the all this rain, though the barley fields have now been ploughed in. A Mute Swan was also seen flying over the Parks this morning.

6th - Thundery rain during the afternoon and evening.

7th, Dalby Forest - Went for a cycle with Jenny and Andy on a pleasant morning. Not much wildlife about but a Green Woodpecker was seen, and the heather is still flowering.

9th - Two Roe deer seen this morning, again in the un-harvested wheat. At home a Cormorant was seen flying overhead in the afternoon, heading northwards. Thundery rain during late evening.

10th - A Spotted Flycatcher was seen in the garden today, the first I’ve seen in the area since August 2005.

11th - Two Roe deer seen along Shepherd’s Lane. A Sand Martin was also seen hunting over the fields this morning.

12th - One field of the remaining wheat harvested, but still three remain uncut.

15th - Two dozen Greylag geese flew southwards over the fields this morning. All but one field of wheat is now in, with ploughing quickly getting underway too. I also collected Elderberries this morning for Elderberry jelly.

16th - A fox seen on Long Lane.

17th - A new boardwalk is being constructed over the winter pond at Owl dip, as last winter it became impossible to cross without waders or going round along the road. However at the moment there is no water whatsoever.

18th - A lovely autumnal morning in the fields with low fog patches and a red rising sun. A couple of Roe deer also seen.

19th - The current sunny weather is bringing out the butterflies, in what has been a very poor year for them. The ivy in the garden is attracting Small Tortoiseshell’s, Peacock’s, Speckled Wood’s, and in particular Red Admiral’s, & Comma’s. The ivy is also attracting lots of wasp’s & hoverflies.

20th, Dalby Forest - A lovely cycle this morning through the woods of the North Riding Forest Park, the turning Birch giving a golden glow to the sunnier glades. I also heard a skein of Pink footed Geese fly over the area, but I wasn’t able to see them.

21st, Brattwood - A jolly pleasant walk in this lovely part of the Wolds. The wood is very overgrown at the moment and getting through the undergrowth was quite a struggle. By the end of it we were covered in Burdocks. We also saw about a dozen Greylag geese fly-over, flying in a ‘V’ formation and heading south-east.

22nd, North Cave Wetlands - A quiet afternoon on a blustery and damp day at our local reserve. A good number of Snipe about, and a Barnacle Goose was amongst the 100 or so Greylags. Gadwall & Teal numbers on the up, with a few Teal now coming out of eclipse. Very few waders about, though there are still lots of Lapwings.

23rd - A Tawny Owl seen this morning.

24th - The wheat harvest finally complete.

26th - A Chiffchaff was heard calling for a time this morning in the garden.

28th - A skein of 60 to 80 Pink-footed Geese was seen passing overhead during the afternoon, flying at high altitude and heading southwards. Another, smaller skein followed five minutes later.

Bishop Wilton - A nice mornings walk with Dad and Jenny on this pleasant circular route. Along it we saw a Green Woodpecker, and a Chiffchaff was heard calling in the little wood at the head of the valley. Some colour in a few trees, particularly in the Horse Chestnuts at the top of the Horse-Shoe.

29th - Five Roe deer seen in the fields this morning.

30th - A Roe deer and a Fox were seen in close proximity to one another out in the fields this morning.