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June 2014

1st, North Cave Wetlands
This morning we had a walk around North Cave with highlights including - 3 Little Ringed Plover, 1 Black Swan, 1 Pochard, 1 Curlew, Avocets and their young, a few Oystercatchers, and a HOBBY. Other notes included a large number of Cinnabar moths, my first Red Admiral of the year, Speckled Woods, Orange-tip, Brimstone, & Small Tortoiseshell butterflies, and a few species of odonata, including Four-spotted Chaser, a Hawker species (probably Migrant), Common Blue Damselfly, Blue-tailed Damselfly and a single LARGE RED DAMSELFLY, this last species being uncommon at this site.

2nd, Swinemoor
A couple of AVOCETS, a female Tufted Duck heading northwards, and a pair of Snipe (one of which was seen drumming) were highlights at Swinemoor this morning.

2nd, Moths
Light Brown Apple Moth x6, Bee Moth x7, Flame Carpet x3, Silver-ground Carpet x2, Common Carpet x1, Common Marbled Carpet x11, Spruce Carpet x2, Foxglove Pug (NFY) x1, Mottled Pug x4, Common Pug x2, Green Pug (NFY) x1, Double-striped Pug x2, Brimstone x8, Scalloped Hazel x6, Peppered Moth x1, Clouded Silver x2, COXCOMB PROMINENT (NFG) x1, White Ermine (NFY) x1, Heart & Dart (NFY) x3, Shoulder-striped Wainscot (NFY) x1, Dark/Grey Dagger (NFY) x1, Dark Arches (NFY) x1, Rustic Shoulder-knot (NFY) x1, Snout (NFY) x1, Fan-foot (NFY) x1, & Small Fan-foot (NFY) x1.

3rd, Swinemoor
1 Little Egret was at the largest of the flood pools this morning, arriving around 06:15 and departing northwards around 06:35 during a period of heavy rain. Meanwhile 3 Grey Heron, a Snipe, an Oystercatcher, 5 Gadwall & a pair of Shoveler were other highlights on what was a wet, murky and humid start to the day.

4th, Swinemoor
The drake GARGANEY was back again this morning and showed well until an ignorant dog walker decided to march right through the area (the dog did actually catch and kill a bird at one point and I sincerely hope it wasn't the Garganey!). Also of interest this morning was 1 drake Teal, 12 Gadwall, the Shoveler pair, a pair of Tufted Ducks whom after flying over the area alighted in a distant pool, 2 Snipe and an Oystercatcher.

5th, Swinemoor
Another overcast morning with poor visibility down on the 'moor. Birds of note included at least 3 Little Egrets, two of which repeatedly chased each other at times, possibly up to 20 Gadwall (at least three groups were moving about the moor this morning), the single Teal from yesterday was still present, 2 Shelduck flew over heading north at around 06:40, a pair of Tufted Duck flew in and settled at the southern most pools around 06:30, and an Oystercatcher was noted. However there was no sign of the Garganey.

5th, North Cave Wetlands
An evening stroll around the wetlands this evening with plenty of hirundines & Swifts hunting around our heads. On the Main Lake a raft of 13 Common Scoter was a nice surprise, while other interesting notes included Ringed Plover, many Little Ringed Plovers, Avocets, Common Terns, 3 Shelduck, a drake Wigeon, drake Pochard, Redshank and Lesser BB Gull.

6th, Figham & Swinemoor
Paid a brief visit to Figham this morning in the hope of finding or hearing a Grasshopper Warbler but unfortunately drew a blank. Indeed it was very quiet down here though a pair of Tufted Duck flew over and 3 Lesser Black-backed Gulls was of some interest.

It was also quiet this morning at nearby Swinemoor with little about, though it was nice to add Little Ringed Plover to the Beverley year list. A CUCKOO was heard calling distantly while other notes of interest included 3 Tufted Duck (including 1 pair), a Shoveler pair, 11 Gadwall, drake Teal, 1 Herring Gull, Snipe, & 2 Stock Dove.

7th, Moths
Flame Carpet x3, Silver-ground Carpet x2, Garden Carpet x3, Common Marbled Carpet x4, Mottled Pug x4, Freyer's Pug (NFY) x1, Common Pug x3, Doubled-striped Pug x1, Brimstone Moth x4, Scalloped Hazel x5, Peppered Moth x2, Light Emerald (NFY) x1, Elephant Hawk-moth (NFY) x1, Buff Ermine (NFY) x1, Heart & Dart x22, Shuttle-shaped Dart x1, Large Yellow Underwing (NFY) x1, Ingrailed Clay (NFY) x1, SMALL SQUARE-SPOT (NFG) x1, Bright-line Brown Eye x2, Dark Arches x1, Rustic Shoulder-knot x5, Marbled Minor agg. (NFY) x1, Green Silver-lines x2, & Straw Dot (NFY) x1.

8th, Bishop Wilton Wold
An early summers' walk with the family at this beautiful location on the edge of the Yorkshire Wolds with views across the Vale of York and towards the distant Pennines on the other side of the county. The main reason for our walk was to enjoy the annual display of wildflowers on the Wolds above the pretty village of Bishop Wilton, the cheering white blooms of the Oxeye daisies dominating the scene. We stopped off at Wayrham as well in order to enjoy the display of Orchids at this location, with both Common Spotted and Marsh Orchids abounding, though it is still a little too early for the Pyramidals.

12th, Beverley Parks
A lone Little Grebe was in the new drainage pool beside the Beverley southern bypass.

23rd, Swinemoor
Six BLACK-TAILED GODWITS flew low over Swinemoor this morning before departing eastwards, these being the first Blackwits I have ever seen at this particular location.

24th, Moths
Light Brown Apple Moth x5, Large Ivy Tortrix (NFY) x2, Marbled Orchard Tortrix (NFY) x2, Garden Grass-veneer x2, Common Plume x1, Common Emerald (NFY) x1, Riband Wave (NFY) x7, Plain Wave (NFY) x1, Common Marbled Carpet x1, Barred Yellow (NFY) x1, Double-striped Pug x1, Brimstone Moth x4, Scalloped Hazel x3, Willow Beauty (NFY) x2, Light Emerald x3, Common Footman (NFY) x3, Buff Ermine x2, GARDEN DART (NFG) x1, Heart & Dart x10, The Flame (NFY) x2, Ingrailed Clay x1, Double-square spot (NFY) x2, Dot Moth (NFY) x1, Bright-line Brown-eye x3, Clay (NFY) x1, Small Angle Shades (NFY) x3, Dark Arches x3, Rustic Shoulder-knot x1, Marbled Minor agg. x2, Uncertain (NFY) x9, The Rustic (NFY) x5, Mottled Rustic (NFY) x1, Fan-foot x4, & Small Fan-foot x1.

24th, Swinemoor
My first HOBBY of the year was spotted hunting hirundines at Swinemoor this morning. Also recorded were two Little Ringed Plovers, 2 Little Egrets, a Grey Heron, 3 Curlews, and at least 7 Snipe.

25th, Swinemoor
A GREEN SANDPIPER was spotted this morning on the common.

26th, Moths
Light Brown Apple Moth x3, Small Magpie Moth (NFY) x1, Common Pug x1, Clouded Border (NFY) x1, Scalloped Hazel x1, Swallow-tailed Moth (NFY) x1, Willow Beauty x1, Buff Ermine x1, Heart & Dart x4, Double-square Spot x1, Bright-line Brown-eye x1, Small Angle Shades x1, Dark Arches x3, Marbled Minor agg. x1, Uncertain x1, & Snout x1.

28th, Oliver Cromwell steams through Beverley
The BR Standard Class 7 No.70013 'Oliver Cromwell' passed through the East Riding today, a rare treat in what is otherwise an area entirely dominated by DMU's and little else. Though we have seen this loco previously at the GCR it was nevertheless good to see it on "home turth", so to speak, with large numbers of other visitors gathering to see it pass through Beverley's attractive NER station.

30th, Moths
Light Brown Apple Moth x1, Large Ivy Tortrix x1, Riband Wave x1, Garden Carpet x4, Common Pug x1, Brimstone Moth x1, Swallow-tailed Moth x1, Peppered Moth x2, Willow Beauty x2, Clouded Silver x1, Light Emerald x2, Elephant Hawk-moth x2, Common Footman x3, Buff Ermine x4, Heart & Dart x16, The Flame x1, Flame Shoulder x1, Large Yellow Underwing x1, Double-square Spot x4, Dot Moth x2, Bright-line Brown-eye x5, Marbled Beauty (NFY) x1, Small Angle Shades x1, Dark Arches x36, Light Arches (NFY) x2, Clouded-bordered Brindle x2, Dusky Brocade (NFY) x1, Rustic Shoulder-knot x3, Marbled Minor agg. x9, Uncertain x5, The Rustic x2, Mottled Rustic x3, Pale Mottled Willow x1, Burnished Brass (NFY) x1, & Small Fan-foot x1.

30th, Wold Garth
Three HOBBIES spotted over the wood at lunchtime, a fantastic new record for the site list.

30th, North Cave Wetlands
Two MEDITERRANEAN GULLS were seen at the reserve this evening. Lots of young birds now about whilst the last of this years BEE ORCHIDS can still be seen beside Carp Lake.